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We are a research and development company based in Padua, specialized in the production of functional nanomaterials, with the goal of applying them in any field where they can bring innovation. We believe in technology at the service of improvement and sustainability, our mission is to make the world greener and smarter thanks to nanomaterials.
We love the idea that what really makes the world function is invisible to the human eye.

Our innovation hub

Come and discover all our projects. We're not gonna stop.
Particular Materials is born

Tailor-made nanoparticles.
150+ nanomaterials for functional applications, from lab production up to industrial scale (catalysis, coating, pigments, batteries, fuel cells, anti-bacterial).

Patented manufacturing process

Our continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis (CHFS) process based on supercritical water is patented.

Spin-off Circular Materials

Clean Water. Pure Metals.
Modular and flexible plants for the recovery of >99% of valuable metals from industrial wastewaters in a fully circular and sustainable process.

Green Hydrogen

JDA with Snam and Industrie De Nora for the development of a technology for the electrolysis in supercritical conditions, to be applied to the production of green hydrogen.


Our latest technology. Based on nanoparticles, it represents a radical innovation for traceability and authentication.

Core team members

Marco Bersani
Founder & CEO
Francesco Zanin
Chief Business Officer
Marco Miola
Chief Operating Officer
Angela Griggio
R&D specialist


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